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Purple Box is an agile team of experienced developers, land sourcing agents and chartered planners providing a holistic and data driven approach to acquisition and development within the residential and commercial sectors.

We do a whole lot more than simply just develop! We build relationships, partnerships and friendships within the local community forging new paths and maximising opportunities with a collaborative approach.

With over 50 years’ experience we have a proactive approach to overcoming any finance and development obstacles with a current 100% success rate in granted planning.

We are very proud of our successful track record in developing both difficult and challenging sites.

This assures landowners that we have the right credentials to be given significant responsibility of managing land through ownership, option or planning promotion agreement.

Passionate about Non-profits Purple Box also support and assist many local councils and housing associations in meeting much needed affordable housing schemes.

Our goal is to help you create thriving communities in which people can live, work, learn and play, and which they are proud to be part of.


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Our land team begin our work by sourcing land suitable for development across the UK



We partner with landowners in a collaborative approach to unlock the potential of their land



We put 100% of the finance and time in achieving planning permission



We’ll promote your land creating a brand and unique identity, bringing your site to the forefront of local development



We are instrumental through the planning process ensuring the best unit mix enhancing and maximising the value of the land



Once planning is achieved Purple Box will place the site on market ensuring the greatest value is obtained



Our sales team will assist with the legalities of transferring the property, liaising with solicitors and other professionals



7 Steps to a hands-off turn-key process in increasing land potential and maximising sale value


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